Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Tidibit I promised!

Ryan: Well this is an interesting looking lab. Is that a clapping monkey?

Bobo: clap clap

Allie: MINONS!! There is an intruder! This is a code 2319!

Bobo: clap clap clap

Hannah: You there stop and come forth into the light.

Ryan: walks uncertainly into the light that appears before him.

Jenn to Allie softly: Master do you think his would work?

Allie to Jenn softly: Yes minion, he’s perfect. Strong, smart, confused. Yes he will work perfectly!

Hannah: You there, your name had better not be George we don’t like people named George!

Ryan: Ummm….my name isn’t George it’s Ryan. What do you have against George?
Allie: George was the last experiment!

Jenn: He…um…failed, that’s why you have come I suppose. To take his place and be our new ex-

Hannah: Friend! Our new friend. Can you make crepes? Come this way.

Ryan: I was just here looking for my-

Allie: For your DESTINY! Of course!! Well you sir have found your destiny.

Ryan: I’m thinking otherwise…I’ll just be leaving.

At the same time:

*Hannah: But what about the crepes?

Allie: But what about destiny?

Jenn: Destiny flavored crepes?*

Hannah: This calls for one thing and one thing only.

Hannah: But don’t eat the crepes.

Bobo: Clap clap clap clap

Allie: MINIONS ORDER! I have the perfect solution!

Jenn and Hannah: *stand at attention*

Allie: Prepare for operation 2266!

Jenn: There must be another way he’s just a boy!

I'll stop here so that I don't give too much away. This is part of episode Three! Oh Yes believe it, there are 9 episodes in all! (so far) more updates to come!

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