Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ok, the first thing I have to tell my follower(s) it's only one right now. Thanks Jenny you rock!!! Is go to Emily Ann Benedict's blog she's the author of Only Angels are Bulletproof and a person I am honored to call a friend. So check out her blog! That's all for now, enjoy!

First Post

Well, it seems that every writer is blogging these days so I might as well join them. My name is Hannah, I'm an author who is still unpublished but has yet to stop writing. I mean what else am I going to do with the little voices in my head...I mean ideas! heh heh. So yes. I'm not quite sure how much of my work I want to put on my blog but I will definently keep updates going and give various summeries snippets and other cliff hangers that will annoy you with their shortness. Oh and maybe the odd poem here or there. Enjoy I'll be posting on a weekly basis. Hope to hear from you soon.
The writer.