Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Lab!

Well, thanks to the game Little Big Planet. I've actually been able to begin constructing some proto type levels for the possible Lab game. I have a level that has you racing after the victim through a level of spikes and explosives in a sort of city alley way backdrop. When you reach the end you have the victim standing there saying. "You will never take me alive!!". Yes, I had too much fun with this but HEY that's what it's all about right? I have another level which takes place in one of the labs gardens. It's just an obstacle course level that once more you have to reach the end to find something. I have point and prize bubbles scattered throughout the course so you can feel accomplished when you reach the end. Both levels are pretty basic compared to what some geniuses and come up with but I'm trying. Hope to someday have a way to publish them for the world to find.
Go Little Big Planet you rock the sack people WORLD!!!!!!!!!
Crazy as always,
Minion Butter

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